GRIN AND SHARE IT: “Counting Sheep”

Counting Sheep

A shepherd was herding his flocks in a remote pasture when suddenly
a brand new Jeep Cherokee advanced out of a dust cloud towards him.

The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses
and a YSL tie leaned out of the window and asked our shepherd: “If I can
tell you exactly how many sheep you have in your flock, will you give me

The shepherd looks at the yuppie, then at his peacefully grazing flock and
calmly answers “sure!” The yuppie parks the car, whips out his notebook,
connects it to a cell-phone, surfs to a NASA page on the Internet where he
calls up a GPS satellite navigation system, scans the area, opens up a
database and some 60 Excel spreadsheets with complex formulas. Finally
he prints out a 150 page report on his hi-tech miniaturized printer, turns
round to our shepherd and says:

“You have here exactly 1586 sheep!”

“This is correct. As agreed, you can take one of the sheep,” says the
shepherd. He watches the young man make a selection and put it in his

Then he says: “If I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you
give me my sheep back?”

“Okay, why not” answers the young man. “You are a consultant,” says the

“This is correct,” says the yuppie, “How did you guess that?”

“Easy” answers the shepherd. “You turn up here although nobody called
you. You want to be paid for the answer to a question I already knew the
solution to. And you don’t know anything about my business because you
took my dog.”

About Dr. Mike Harmon

Dr. Harmon began preaching at the age of 15 while living in southern California. He has conducted over 600 revivals and evangelistic campaigns nationwide, and has served as Senior Pastor at seven churches. Dr. Harmon has degrees from Central Baptist College, the University of Central Arkansas, and a Ph.D. From the Christian Bible College and Seminary. He has served as trustee for Southeastern Baptist College and Chairman of the trustees for the BMA Theological Seminary. He also served as Chaplain for the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas State Senate. His many sermons and articles on Christian Apologetics are widely published. He is married to one wife of 43 years; has two sons, and seven grandchildren. He considers the simple pleasures of cooking, dining with family and friends, and liesurely rides on his Harley through the Texas Hill Country to be some of the most enjoyable blessings from the Lord.
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