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“What is blasphemy? What does it mean to blaspheme?”

 To blaspheme is to speak with contempt about God or to be defiantly irreverent. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, blasphemy is “the written or oral reproach of God, His name, attributes, or religion.” This is similar to slander, which is “malicious … Continue reading

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Are all sins really equal?

My father, grandfather, uncle and cousin were all Baptist preachers.  I grew up hearing preachers preach and teachers teach that sin is sin and all sins are equal in God’s sight.  As I grew older and began to seriously study … Continue reading

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Have you committed the sin which can never be forgiven?

There is a sin that will never be forgiven.  Not in this life or the next.  Some call it “The Unpardonable Sin.” Jesus cast out a demon from a man and the Pharisees said that He did this using the … Continue reading

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